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K-12 Arts Education

Aligning with K-12 curricula, Arts Integration activities enhance student engagement and content retention through culturally responsive pedagogy. Interdisciplinary activities are designed for math, science, social studies, language arts and second language acquisition. I work with administrators, schools, teachers and districts to integrate art across the K-12 curriculum. Contact me to learn more.

These images document interactive projects in which students engage with real life and metaphorical themes that promote social/emotional health and social engagement. Participants attend public, private, charter or International Baccalaureate (IB) schools and many are English Language Learners.  Workshops and projects are designed to interact with meaningful themes that reflect student interests, strengthen community and engage with relevant social issues through creative play and dramatization.

Projects include:

  • mural painting
  • introduction to public art
  • textile design
  • interdisciplinary studies
  • exploring identity through self-portraiture
  • plant based dyeing and shibori folding techniques
  • the creation of a plant-based color wheel
  • research projects related to global events
  • mask making combined with expressive arts activities
  • study of symbolism
  • puppetry

“You work with so much joy and love for what you do and for our students. I love stopping by your room and seeing the excitement you have to share with others. You have brought so much joy to the LWL community.”

— Erin Kollings ,Vice Principal, Learning Without Limits

“Ms. Stuckgold holds herself and those with whom she works to a higher standard. Working with music, dance and theater productions can be a daunting task, to say the least. However, I have found Ms. Stuckgold to be one of the truly multi-talented artists working in these fields.“

— E.W. Wainright, Executive Director, African Roots of Jazz Performing Academy Inc.

“Debra incorporates grade level content into the art the students produce. Not only does this method engage the students with their art, it solidifies the content with creativity, making many of our English Language Learners and special needs students able to access the content in an exciting, hands-on way.“

— Rachel Amsterdam, 1st grade teacher

“Debra has used her gifts as an artist and educator to make High Point a school in which students can thrive. Her focus on project-based interdisciplinary learning, representing the diverse cultures of our student population, helps students develop a sense of cultural awareness and community pride.”

— Cothron McMillian, Principal, High Point Elementary

“Students are exposed to modern and timeless techniques that are culturally inclusive and sensitive. Debra has helped our school’s diverse community to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and backgrounds.”

— Sanjana Bryant, 1st grade teacher

“I have so appreciated your tireless work with our kids. Art is a favorite time of the week for so many of my students, and you are so wonderful about noticing the creative spark, especially in students who often don’t get noticed. Your class allowed students to shine, and I know they will never forget that.”

— Tess O’Brien, 4th grade teacher

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