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“Debra has become a wise master teacher with the ability to enhance her teaching environments to reflect the collective cultures of learning communities while validating the dignity and creative power of her students.“

— Beth Harris, workshop participant

“I enjoyed a lot the workshop, beautiful. Now I know the others better – they draw themselves. I can see their problems, almost what they’re thinking. I know myself better.”

— O.R., workshop participant

“I saw papers and colors. What’s going on? I realize the little child is important; it stays with you even when you grow up. Kids in the camp don’t have music and art. Kids’ drawings you see weapons, flags, person getting shot. No one helps them experience themselves. In the trainings I had a choice to do it or not. To play or be real, but always I feel like something inside me was ready to move up.”

— M.D., workshop participant

“I’ve done other things like this before, like drama therapy, but here I feel safe. I can show myself ~ parts I consider stupid, like a child. I feel something strong. I usually don’t like to be in contact with this part of myself, but now I feel grateful doing this workshop with all of you.”

— Alessandra, workshop participant

“It’s special to do work with myself in this group. I felt so safe and could be myself and look for myself because I knew everyone was doing the same.”

— Theresa, workshop participant

“Drawing 3 parts:  past, present, future.  I can see who I was, and how I arrived at this new point. I can feel the difference.”

— M.O., workshop participant

“Society tells us: don’t feel, cry, complain, do it yourself, hide your feelings. This is an experience that everyone should have for through this maybe the ugly stuff can be let out and released.”

— M.K., workshop participant

Debra Stuckgold
Oakland, CA

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